Motiva Motor Speedway Dirt Track 9-20-2014 
Ray Ingram 

With only one more regular show this season the drivers decided to put on one heck of a show. The track was fast and smooth all night. Looks like Charlie Fegan and his crew have got track prep down to a science. 

This week had the return of the NMMRA Non Wing Sprints returning with a killer field of cars. There were 23 drivers taking the flags. Josh Hodges #74 was back with his touring car and was very very fast. The most passing points would go to Jason Grady #45 from Farmington who had a bad finish in his heat that caused him to have to start the main in 16th position. His fourth place finish was a hurculean  effort. The battle between Cody Mansfield #4 and Austin Mansfield #57 was something to see, you would never know they are brothers, neither gives the other an inch. They fought for second place behind Mr. Hodges for many laps with Austin finally besting his brother. 

Sadly there were several roll overs in the evenings event. Worst was the long barrel roll down the entire front straight by Rick Johnson #65. The fans gasped when the car ended it's hard roll and were fearfull that Rick had to be injured in such a bad roll. But alas, he was actually able to get out of the car on his own power. Thanks for that. The other roll and crash involved #52NM of Steve Nix, who lead the NMMRA in champ points by 29 going into the evening, with #45 of Jason Grady in second. With Jason collecting so many passing points and fourth in main, the lead may have changed. In the accident with Steve were 6 or 7 other cars that were unable to return. My notes indicate #12 Josh Grady, #22 Bo Baker, #6 Robert Mofia, and several others were unable to retake the field. I noted that BEFORE the green flag for this Sprint Car main that it would be Fast and Wild and the drivers did not disapoint. All in all a great NMMRA show. Remember next week is the final points race for the championship and it should be another wild event. 

The A-Mods loved the smooth and fast track as they too put on a very fast race. From the start it was all Todd Budlong #45 out front with what looked like another main event win, but on the exit of turn two he did a slow spin into the infield and did not return. We found out after the races his power steering pump froze up locking the steering wheel and he could not steer. That allowed Josh Cain #3J to take the win, with #58 Clint Miller in second and an impressive X-Mod best finish by Dee Yates in his new #15. Dee looked impressive all night, I think this guy has got it figured out in the X-Mod division and appears to be able to make a championship run next season. In the heat races Todd took first in his, with the youngster Kenneth Payne #3 looking very impressive in his heat race win. 

The Street Stock main was a repeat of most of this year with R C Combs #53 taking an early lead and never looking back. The young Ms Yates #15 in hot pursuit and #99 of Joel Duke following, until the final lap when Duke slid high and allowed Shawn Dutcher #54 to finish in third place. We thought we would have a new Street Stock for the main in the presents of Rick Boelter #94 who looked very fast in the heat race, but he failed to take the green for some mechanical problems, too bad, he might have made this an interesting race. 

The Mini Sprints had a short field of five cars. Jacob Johnston #17J was back to show the fast way around the track. Jacob won his heat but dropped out in the main allowing #07 of Patrick Hurtado the win. 

The Cruisers had an off week so no racing in that division. The will be back for the final race of the regular season next Saturday. 

The Hornets had the usual suspects but with one addition. Kevin Sevier one of Charlie's track workers bringing out the Fegan #48 Hornet. Kevin jumped out to an early lead and it looked like we would have a new winner in the Hornet division, but Mr. Morgan #97B was having none of it and made the pass for the lead and it looked like another win in his bag, but wait. Coming out of turn four he got too low and nailed the big white tire in the infield and everyone thought he was out for the night, but he was able to rejoin the field at the back. There were not enough laps left and the lovely Mrs Lena Duke #99 took the main event win. 

The following are the results that I have. Again they are NOT official. 

Hornets Heat 
Justin Morgan #97b 
Kevin Sevier #48 
Lena Duke #99 
Coulter Morgan #98y 

Street Stock Heat 
R C Combs #53 
Rick Boelter #94 
Cheyanna Yates #15 
Joel Duke #99 
Shawn Dutcher #54 

Mini Sprints Heat 
Jacob Johnston #17j 
Patrick Hurtado #07 
Alex Robinson #14 
Mike Barnes #72 
Tyler Gier #5jr 

A-Mod heat 1 
Todd Budlong #45x 
Rick Boelter #5x 
Dee Yates #15 
Mike Oneal #29 
Tom Melloy #62 
Bob Harter #75 DNF 
Gerald Haste #73 DNF 
A-Mod heat 2
Kenneth Payne #3
Clint Miller #58
Donald Clinger #05
Josh Cain #3J
Colt Treharn #18
Tanner Higdon #60

NMMRA Sprint heat 1 
Austin Mansfield #57 
Cody Mansfield #4 
Ronnie Smith #19 
Josh Grady #12 

Sprint heat 2 
Jason Tanner #23 
Steve Nix #52NM 
Dillon Tanner 11w 
David Dykes #55 
Bo Baker #22 
Jason Grady #45x 

Sprint heat 3 
Josh Hodges #74 
Robert Mofia #6 
James Hatch #41 
Steven Spiak #17 
Micheal Fanelli #38 
Randy Smith #26 
Rick Johnson #65 

Do yourself a favor and be sure to come out next Saturday for the final points race of the season, it could be some of the best racing this year. 

God Bless All 
Bob and Ray Ingram 

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