Josh Grady, Rick Boelter, Jacob Johnston Clint Miller take wins at Sandia Speedway 5-30-2015
Ray Ingram
The weather was perfect, the track was smooth and fast, and the crowds were there to see more great racing at Sandia Speedway. With there being two weeks without dirt track racing at Sandia the stands were full, not quite standing room only, but close. If the Cruisers (off this week) division and their fans had been there it would have been a capacity crowd. 

It was the return of NMMRA non Wing Sprints after their triumphant run down south to El Paso Speedway and Southern New Mexico Speedway. As you may know Jason Grady of Farmington showed them what he's made of with a huge win over a very strong field of 34 Sprints at SNMS. Sadly it was roll over time for the Sprints at Sandia this week. We saw a 3 car flip at the entry of turn one. This took out #37 Joshua Jackson, #38 Michael Fanelli and #26 Randy Smith. Then later it was #2DG of David Gay off the end of turn one. No one was injured but a lot of good iron was torn up. I saw on Dave Burns facebook page this morning that the #37 of Joshua Jackson is now JUNK. Too bad, as I have been watching the growing of young Mr Jackson as a race car driver. He has been making a good showing of himself since advancing from Legends to Sprints. Hope he gets his ride going again. 
Of note was the return of Nick Rael #73 and was he on fire (speed and power wise) with a win in his heat and a very strong run in the main. I talked with him in the pits and he has a new setup on the chassis and a new Budlong Motorsports engine.

The main was the Grady car show, with #12 of Josh Grady taking an early lead from the outside front row. Several times this year and last I reported that Josh looked to be the fastest car on the track, but he just could not seem to put 25 laps back to back for the win, that is no longer true. The younger Austin Mansfield #57 ran a strong second with the two Grady cars #45 Jason and #45x with RJ Johnson following to show three of four cars in the final four. 
We were glad to see the #22 of Bo Baker return to Sandia as he is always a delight to watch. Appeared he had some handling issues this week and wasn't able to mount the challenge to the leaders he is capable of. 

Street Stocks was again the #5x Rick Boelter show. Rick won both the heat and main. Rick gets challenges from the #1 of Ronnie Bell and #74m of Rob Moseley. With out RC Combs to show us who is faster, Rick or RC we will just have to wait and see. Following Rick in the main was #99 Joel Duke. Joel's car sounded louder and looked faster than ever. He is stepping up his game and looks like a Main event win could come soon. If they were giving passing points the young Mr. Mosley would have taken all of them. On the first lap of the main his car stalled on the back stretch and brought out a yellow. He got pushed into the hot pit and the crew went to work. He came back on the track in last place and moved thru the pack to third, but a last lap error put him in fourth. 

The Mini Sprints fielded 9 cars with #17j of Jacob Johnston taking the win with #22 of Robert Turner second and Lalo Saenz #619 in third. Jacob took the early lead and ran away from the field, it was never a race. 

There were some fast cars out in the A Mod main. The #58 of Clint Miller took both his heat and the main. In the main #63 Justin Weber took advantage of a bobble by Miller to take the lead only to make a small error of his own which allowed Miller to take back the lead. Of note was #29 of Mike O'neal and #62 of Tom Melloy, both in their X Mods to take third and fourth in the main. Derel Meek Sr. in his "fitomobile" #71m was fast and made several challenges only to have mechanical issues (blown engine?) that took him out. The Grants NM driver #95 of Arron Wheeler was looking strong but suffered a mechanical failure that took him out of the race also. 

UNOFFICIAL results. 

Street Stock heats 
Heat 1 
1. Rick Boelter #5x 
2. Cameron Martin #77m 
3. Devon Gates #33 
4. Madison Conrad #76 
DNF Dan Glass #48 

Heat 2 
1. Ronnie Bell #1 
2. Joel Duke #99 
3. Rob Moseley #74m 

Mini Sprint heats 
Heat 1 
1. Jacob Johnston #17j 
2. Lalo Saenz #619 
3. Robert Turner #22 
4. Tyler Grier #5jr 

Heat 2 
1. Travis Oldfield #38 
2. Ian Stroud #22$ 
3. Hannah Dykes #23 
4. Katie Seals #84 
DNF Logan Heath #14l 

A Mod heats 
Heat 1 
1. Clint Miller #58 
2. Jeremy Warren #97 
3. Justin Weber #63 
4. Derel Meek Jr. #77 
5. Tim Lamm #20 

Heat 2 
1. Derel Meek Sr. #71m 
2. Arron Wheeler #95 
3. Mike O'neal #29 
4 Tom Melloy #62 
DNF Gerald Haste #73 

NMMRA Sprints heats 
Heat 1 
1. Nick Rael #73 
2. Austin Mansfield #57 
3. Randy Smith #26 
4. Michael Fanelli #38 
5. Stephen Spiak #17 
6. Jerrill Higginbotham #5 

Heat 2 
1. Dillon Tanner #11w 
2. Jason Grady #45 
3. Joshua Jackson #37 
4. Jesse Baker #7 
5. David Gay #2dg 
6. Ted Schlote #29 

Heat 3 
1. RJ Johnson #45x 
2. Josh Grady #12j 
3. Cody Mansfield #4x 
4. Bo Baker #22m 
5. Kristy Smith #4l 
DNF Rober Marfia #24 

Main Events 
Street Stock 
1. Rick Boelter #5x 
2. Ronnie Bell #1 
3. Joel Duke #99 
4. Cameron Martin #77m 
5. Rob Moseley #74m 
6. Madison Conrad #76 
DNF Shawn Dutcher #54 
DNF Devon Gates #33 

Mini Sprint main 
1. Jacob Johnston #17j 
2. Robert Turner #22 
3. Lalo Saenz #619 
4. Tyler Grier #5jr 
5. Katie Seals #84 
6. Hannah Dykes #23 
DNF Ian Stroud #22$ 
DNF Travis Oldfield #38 
DNF Logan Heath #14l 

A Mod main 
1. Clint Miller #58 
2. Justin Weber#63 
3. Mike O.neal #29 
4. Tom Melloy #62 
5. Ronnie Salas #7r 
6. Jeremy Warren #97 
DNF Arron Wheeler #95 
DNF Derel Meek Jr. #77 
DNF Derel Meek Sr. #71m 

NMMRA main 
1. Josh Grady #12j 
2. Austin Mansfield #57 
3. Jason Grady #45 
4. RJ Johnson #45x 
5. Jesse Baker #7 
6. Cody Mansfield #4x 
7. Nick Rael #73 
8. Steven Spiak #17 
9. Dillon Tanner #11w 
10. Kristy Smith 4l 
11. Ted Schlote #29 
4 cars rolled and DNF, David Gay, Josh Jackson, Michael Fanelli and Randy Smith. 

See you next Saturday when the X Mods return with the Winged 305 Sprints, Street Stocks, Mini Sprints and Cruisers / Hornets. 

God Bless All
Ray and Bob Ingram 

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